Bursary and scholarships were awarded to the needy, poor and orphan deserving students in the county.
Sixty million was divided equally to all ten wards each getting six million.

The bursaries was distributed in two phase. Phase one was allocated for students in form two up to form fours and the second phase was given to form ones, college and university up to degree level.
The department has budgeted hundred million for next financial year 2017/2018.
The F/Y 2016/2017 twelve students received Sudan scholarships to study various fields though the department of education.
The department also support the Awer community through bursaries who are admitted at Mokowe Arid
Zone Boarding school.


Lamu Mangrove Forest

Lamu archipelago is rich of valuable natural resources, to which they give it an attracting and amazing beauty. There are four islands laid in the Indian Ocean in the northern coast of Kenya i.e. Lamu, Pate, Manda, and Kiwayu. The islands are surrounded by an evergreen forest, mangrove forest which covers almost 67% of the mangrove forest in Kenya.

The salt-tolerant trees provide a shoreline beautification with an amazing structure to enjoy viewing. The views can be experienced when sailing along the narrow roots to the eastern part of Lamu archipelago. The canopies nest different types of beautiful birds and the deep, wide-spread roots with coral reefs offer homes and hiding places for fish species like crabs. Mostly fishermen depend on the mangrove for fishing since they are fish breeding grounds. Mangrove in Lamu is a source of income where residents depend on.

Unlike other trees, mangroves are pest-free to which they are used in the construction of the traditional boats in Lamu, where water is the main source of transport, boats made of the mangrove trees are used in ferrying peoples and cargoes around the archipelago.

Most buildings in Lamu are in the traditional form since it’s a heritage site. The ceilings of the buildings are made of the mangrove trees.

Launching Of The 9 KM Hindi-Magogoni Road

Yesterday,11/01/2018, H.E. Governor Fahim Yasin Twaha, officially launched the 9km Hindi-Magogoni road. The project is funded by Fuel Levy funds through the County Government of Lamu. The project is to construct and do maintenance works to all rural road of Lamu County.

During the occasion that was attended by National and County Government officials, Governor Fahim said that Lamu County will no longer face the crisis of water shortage, since there are investors who re willing to install Distillation Plant to recycle salt water. And also pipes Will be connected at Tana River and supply water to Lamu. He also promised Hindi residents Land surveying will be done and each will have his title deed in hand.

Since Lamu County is developing with great projects like the LAPSSET, job opportunities will be available where Governor urged Youths to make use of the polytechnic in acquiring skill so that to benefit from the projects.

Lamu County SMS Platform

The County Government, through the Department of ICT, has launched a Short Message Service platform with the aim of promoting exchange of information between the county government and the residents. Residents will be able to enquire on any county government undertaking or report any incidents afflicting them just through a short text message.

The SMS platform promotes transparency, reduces complaints caused by lack of information, and enables the citizens to communicate to the county government in case of emergencies. This is a project set to have far-reaching outcomes addressing information needs of county residents besides promoting public participation in policy and decision making processes.

Just send your message starting with the word LAMU to 31390 and you will rceive an autoresponse message, You will receive your response within 48 hours on any enquiry

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