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The Department of Education wishes to notify parents and guardians whose students are already enrolled and benefiaries under the County Government of Lamu scholarship program (Form 2- 4) to submit new applications for the academic year 2024.

Duly filled Scholarship and Bursary application form should be submitted to the Ward Administrators office before 18th December 2023

This application is mandatory to all students who are already benefiting and those that shall not submit will not be considered during the academic year 2024.

This process is part of Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW to support the education sector and ensure the scholarships and bursaries are issued to the bright and needy students from Lamu. The call for new applications will enable the County Government to know those beneficiaries who could have dropped out, transfered or those who might have got other forms of sponsorships.

The application form is available at the official county government website:…/scholarships-bursary-application…/


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at

The County Government of Lamu is among 33 Counties benefiting from KISIP 2 infrastructural projects with six informal settlements picked for the World Bank funding.

The County through the department of Lands, today has embarked on a series of public participations on Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to kick start the development works.

The citizens of Wiyoni and Matondoni have expressed great enthusiasm towards the initiative and with the Settlement Executive Committee (SEC) and Grievances Redress Committee (GRC) community committees already in place of their project, is expected to kick off next year.

In attendance was Cheif Officer Lands Ahmed Ali, Lamu Municipal Manager Abduswamad Ali, Director Resource Mobilization Mbarak Abdulkadir,Environmental Safeguards Officer Gabriel Ngige among others.


Lamu Governor HE Issa Timamy EGH, OGW has today welcomed over 100 tourists in Lamu in a move to promote tourism and spur the sectors economic growth. This is the first ever group of tourists in history to visit Lamu as a group

As the festive season draws closer to its peak, Governor Timamy has closely been working with key players and stakeholders in the tourism industry to woo tourists to visit and experience our lush beaches, vibrant culture, and create an opportunity for travellers to immerse themselves in our rich traditions and sceneries, and make unforgettable memories.

The tourists were welcomed at Manda airport and later proceeded with their excursion in a move that will in turn, culminate in reaping fortunes in the recovering tourism sector.

The Governor was accompanied by CECM Trade Hon. Aisha Miraj and Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa.


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at

Lamu Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW has today joined CS Blue Economy Hon. Salim Mvurya and other Governor’s in celebrating this years World Fisheries Day in Mombasa county.

This years event was marked in Mombasa County to celebrate the importance of sustainable stocks of fisheries in the world, to strengthen human rights for the small-scale fishing communities, to make a true difference in the working conditions of fishing communities and to eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

Speaking during the event that was held at Kenya Marine Fisheries and Socio-Economic Development project at Liwatoni, the Council of Governors Blue Economy Committee Chair Governor Issa Timamy, emphasized on the end to the violation of human rights within the fishing sector. He also highlighted on the council’s commitment towards tapping into immense opportunities created by fisheries and aquaculture towards offering crucial opportunities, creating employment, building strong coastal communities, and providing food security and nutrition to vulnerable populations.

World Fisheries Day is observed annually to raise awareness regarding fisheries and to advocate for sustainable fishing practices that preserve marine ecosystems and support the livelihoods of millions dependent on fisheries worldwide.

In attendance was Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Sharrif, Siaya County Governor James Orengo among others.


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at

Lamu County Unveils The First Paediatric Outpatient Wing In The County

County Government of Lamu in collaboration with Anidan and Pablo Horstmann has officially unveiled the new paediatric outpatient wing at King Fahd hospital, which will provide specialized care to children across the county.

The new facility will help address the shortage of paediatric services in the county and improve access to care for children who need it most.

Speaking at the opening ceremony today, Lamu Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW thanked the two charities for their collaboration and support and underscored the importance of making the facility a centre of excellence in paediatric services. He further promised to engage with the partners to facilitate the setting up of pediatric ICU and HDU units at the facility.

The new and well equipped paediatric unit will be managed by the County Government of Lamu through the department of health and will host paedetricians, clinical officers, medical officers and nurses.

In attendance was Health CECM Dr. Mbarak Bahjaj, President of Pablo Horstmann, Anidan President, President of the Pediatrician Association of Spain, Lamu County Chief of Staff Dr. Abdulnasir Issa, Health Chief Officer Dr. Victor Tole, King Fahd MedSup Dr. Abdulkadir, Nominated MCA Hon. Ahmed Medo among others.


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at


County Government of Lamu led by Governor Issa Timamy EGH, OGW, Kenya Red Cross and Al- Khair Foundation has delivered humanitarian aid to hundreds of people who are at the epicenter of the floods in Lumshi, Witu ward.

The panic-stricken survivors who can only be accessed by boats have deserted their villages after losing their homes, livestock, crops in what some local residents have described as their worst disaster in memory.

Speaking on Saturday after delivering assorted food stuffs, mosquito nets, utencils among other basic items, Governor Timamy who had to navigate through deep waters to access the victims expressed his fear about families who have been cut off from life-saving support.

“These families are without food, water and require urgent medical care. Our teams are doing everything they can to reach these areas, including using boats and to evacuate families in high-risk areas, conducting search and rescue efforts and providing basic health services.” said Governor Timamy.

The Governor also committed towards ensuring the affected villages receive free weekly preventive and curative medical services.

In attendance was Lamu Deputy Governor Raphael Munyua, Red Cross Regional Manager Mr. Musa Hassan, Al-Kheir Foundation representative Mr. Suleiman, Health CECM Hon. Mbarak Bahjaj, Chief of Staff Mr. Abdulnasir Issa, Disaster Chief Officer Mr. Kassim Mohamed among others.


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Lamu County Government Communications Office at

Sadani Kupata Hati Miliki

Mstahiki Gavana Issa Timamy Kupitia Idara ya Ardhi, anatazamiwa kuweka kumbukumbu ya kihistoria baada ya kufanyika kwa uzinduzi wa upangaji na upimaji wa Ardhi ya Sadani Lamu Mashariki.

Hii leo,Waziri wa Ardhi, Mipango ya miji na Maji Tashrifa Bakari, amekutana na wakulima wa Sadani, ili kuunda kamati itakaosaidia kusimamia shughuli hiyo.

Aidha, Waziri Tashrifa aliitambulisha kampuni ya Utaalamu wa kupima mashamba na kupanga miji ya B & L SURVSPACE LTD, iliyotekwa jukumu la kupima eneo hilo la Sadani kwa wananchi.

Eneo la Sadani lilikuwa ni makaazi na mashamba ya ukulima kabla ya wenyeji wake kuhama kufuatia uvamizi wa shifta.

Akizungumza na wakaazi hao, Waziri Tashrifa amewasihi wakaazi hao na hasa kamati iliyochaguliwa, kushirikiana na wataalamu wa upimaji pamoja na maafisa wa serekali ya Kaunti kufanikisha zoezi hilo.

Waliokuwepo ni Afisa mkuu wa Ardhi Ahmed Ali pamoja na Mkurugenzi wake Patrice Lumumba na Easter Nzai wa Tume ya Ardhi nchini (NLC)Lamu, miongoni mwa wengine.

Simambae kupata hati miliki baada ya miongo 6 ya mahame

Idara ya Ardhi imezindua rasmi upimaji wa Kijiji cha zamani cha Simambae kilichoachwa mahame kwa miongo 6 baada ya wakaazi wake kuhama kwa lazima kufuatia uvamizi Wa kinyama washifta.

Kijiji hicho cha zamani, kilivunjika baada ya watu wake kuhamia maeneo ya Malindi, Kilifi na hata nchi jirani ya Tanzania kufuatia uvamizi wa mara kwa mara uliowaletea maafa.

Akizungumza baada ya uzinduzi huo, Waziri wa Ardhi Tashrifa Bakari, amesema ari ya mstahiki Gavana Issa Timamy, nikuona kuwa mji huo umekuwa na watu wake wamerudi nyumbani baada ya kuwa wakimbizi wa ndani na kuhama makwao mnamo mwaka 1963.

Wanasimabae wamempongeza Gavana Timamy kwa kuweka historia ya kuwapimia Ardhi ambayo wazazi wao waliziacha kwa kuhama bila khiyari.

Kijiji cha Simambae kitapata sura mpya baada ya zoezi hilo la kupima mji na mashamba kukamilika.

Wakati huo huo, wakaazi wa Mkokoni walipata fursa ya Kupitia na kuidurusu ramani ya sehemu hiyo ambayo waliweza kuafikiana na upimaji kuanza mara moja.


Towards achieving the Presidential campaign of planting 15 billion trees by 2032, Lamu County Government jointly with the national government has today joined the rest of the nation in marking the National Tree Planting Day at Mambo Sasa in Witu Ward .

Deputy Governor and Climate Change CECM HE Raphael Munyua represented Governor Issa Timamy in the exercise where he encouraged the participants to carry on with the remarkable exercise.

Speaking at Mambo Sasa, the DG further emphasized that together with development partners they will continue providing tree seedlings as unprecedented show of commitment by the government towards our climate action obligations.

12,000 trees were planted today adding to a total of over 100,000 trees planted since the build up for the event began.

Also present was County Commissioner Mr. Louis Rono, County Secretary Amb. Ali Abbas, Lamu Senator Hon. Joseph Githuku, Woman Representative Hon. Monica Marubu, Lamu East MP Hon. Ruweida Obo, NPS Chair Mr. Eliud Kinuthia, MCAs, CECMs, Chief Officers and representatives from KWS, KEFRI, KFS, NRT, Waridi Foundation, Financial Institutions, CBOs among others.


For more information contact:

Lamu County Government Communications Office at

Wizara ya Elimu, Vijana, Jinsia na Michezo Kaunti ya Lamu, hii leo imendaa kungamano la Uwezeshaji wa wanawake kiuchumi.

Kungamano hilo, limehudhuriwa na Mshauri wa Rais kwenye maswala ya kinamama, Bi Harriet Chiggai.

Miongoni mwa changamoto zilizojadiliwa ni:-

Dhulma za kijinsia kwa wanawake na watoto.

– Yanayoathiri wanawake kiafya.

– Hali ngumu ya kufanya biashara.

– Ndoa za mapema.

– wazazi kuficha maovu, miongoni mwa mengine.

Akihutubia wanawake hao,Bi. Chiggei ameahidi kusaidia shirika la utetzi dhidi ya Dhulma za kijinisia hapa Lamu, ili kupiga jeki harakati zao za kukabiliana na maovu hayo.

Waliohudhuria kungamano hilo ni pamoja na Waziri wa Elimu, Sebastian Owanga pamoja na Afisa wake Mkuu Madam Hafswa Difini, afisa wa Jinsia Penina Mathieu miongoni mwa wengine.

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